A Hard Place – A Dog Squad Story by Kalvin Thane

Three thousand light years across, the space between two galactic spiral arms has become a battleground between Alliance forces and the encroaching aliens known only as the Creeps.
Patrolling the void is the naval cruiser Bulwark, carrying specialist technicians and an incursion team. When the chance discovery of a derelict enemy vessel raises hopes of salvaging badly-needed alien technology, the marines and technicians go to work.
But Bulwark’s Captain is determined to obliterate the enemy threat, despite its possible value, even if it means sacrificing the marines on board. The techs must work quickly in order to convince their superiors to withhold fire, and preserve the enemy ship for examination.
But is the enemy ship as derelict as it first appeared to be?
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About the Author

Kalvin Thane was born in 1976 and grew up in Billings, Montana. He was very excited to find out about the opportunity that Amazon gave authors with the ability to self-publish. He has always enjoyed science fiction novels, which is why he chose to write in that genre. Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game had a huge impact on Kalvin’s life, but it wasn’t until later in life that he became a voracious reader. In college, he borrowed the Star Wars X-wing Legends series from a friend and hasn’t stopped reading fiction since.

He can be reached at …

Website: kalvinthane.com
Facebook: facebook.com/KalvinThane/
Twitter: @KalvinThane

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