B. S. Detecting by Mary Thompson

51kWBv5fAfL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_A reader helped over a tricky family communication problem calls this “A reference book for real life.” Another, facing a relationship hurdle, says, “This book was written for me!” We all need to spot language that could lead us into disaster. Second, we need to find language that can work for our goals. Those two skills work together, like a car’s fuel gauge, showing when we’re Okay, or if we’re nearly Empty.

First, you learn that “B.S.” is any language, including “good” words like promises, praise, or claimed facts that can hurt you. You get specific, easy to remember word tools to spot words that can lead you into trouble.
A second set of tools guides you to words likely to succeed at encouraging, bonding, making good choices, ending arguments, clearing up misunderstandings.
There’s not a glittering generality in the bunch! No Whoopdedo slogans. This is a nuts and bolts tool kit drawn from tested knowledge about how words affect our feelings, thoughts, actions. Techniques and insights come from semantics, psychology, philosophy, Madison Avenue wordspinning, and the verbal trench warfare of high pressure sales and politics.
I’ve worked in Madison Ave public relations, taught at Southern Methodist University, volunteered in local and national elections, and did post grad study at NYU with noted semanticists. I’ve watched word skills being used on all of us day after day, so I want to pass knowledge about them along!

This is no dry textbook. It’s a guide to use now. Technical terms are put into plain English and familiar images. Though informed and comprehensive, BSD’s personal, like a tough love aunt who yells if you head for trouble, comforts you in pain, and helps you laugh at words that used to hurt you.
Some books give scenarios of failed communication, then present a “better” version of that exchange. BSD prepares you to handle words in any situation.
Topics range from warnings about word patterns of liars, abusers, predators, or con artists, to practical tips for surviving high pressure sales or swindles. Then you enjoy pie-in-the-face laughter (even some cartoons) at phonies, windbags, cheats, self-appointed critics and other word pests, at home, office, neighborhood, social club, City Hall, or on TV.
Book’s a natural for discussion groups and workshops. Exercises let readers plug in examples of word stalemates, poisonous labels, or control ploys. Or, on the good side, mention fresh insights or unexpected victories.
An individual or group can profit with just simple “get everyone on the same page” techniques. Or work through later topics on more complex ways words affect us and our world.

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“Really useful!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By M. Thompson

If you know a parent struggling with communicating with teenagers or preteens, this book would be a real help. And any
married couple would find it helpful in discussing decisions or disagreements without loss of harmony.
The book would also be a boon to a youngster. Remember all the difficult situations when you weren’t sure what to say, or what to make of what was said to you? Imagine having a book that could tell you how to use words to help you progress in life, and how to deal with verbal abuse!

About the Author

Let’s talk about any communication muddle, logjam, or pain that’s bothering you at www.bsdetecting.com/blog. Thanks, see you!

BSD’s a word survival guide for real life, drawn from years of study and from the verbal trench warfare of politics, advertising, and sales.

Formal education: BS, Psychology, SMU (read for Honors); double M.A. NYU, Secondary Ed and Creative Writing. ABD NYU, general semantics. Workplace education: Researcher/writer, NYC pr firms: Ruder&Finn, Howard Chase, Script writer, Philco Corp. Volunteer, registering voters, poll watching, aiding in local campaigns, Dallas and Albany, New York. Work with sales script writers, NYC. Free lance public relations writing, various clients. On faculty, The New Lincoln School, NYC, and Southern Methodist Univ, Dallas.

Book’s goal: To bring everyone specific knowledge about how words affect us so we can avoid becoming victims of scams or abuse. Then to demonstrate specific verbal strategies that can lead to successful outcomes in real life situations.

Personal goals, Being accessible to readers’ questions, and secondly, assigning book earnings to animal rescue charities.

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