Ella’s Daddy by Shadra Jenkins

51O7kyq53BL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Nearly every little girl thinks her dad is the best in the whole world and can do everything better than other dads. Ella’s Daddy is a playground conversation among eight little girls about their daddies. Eyes are opened and hearts touched when discoveries are made about Ella’s Daddy!

Shadra Jenkins has a uniquely simple way of telling this precious story through the eyes of a child. Though Ella may not know her earthly father, she knows she is loved and treasured. Ella’s Daddy has a heartwarming way of enlightening us all to the relationship we can have with our Heavenly Daddy.

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“A favorite, must read, over and over! For all ages.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Champion for Youth

Such truth, An easy to read, encouraging truth filled book that speaks to your heart. Timely, at such a time as this. Much needed facts given in a special manner. Brought tears to my eyes, and warmth to my heart! An uplifting, delightful, truth filled book for all ages. I orders 6 for starters. A book that fills a void, answers questions for all ages. Truths that can set peace in your soul. Good to keep, good to give. no regrets.

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