Falling for Him by Jessica Gray

51MrrLmFbgL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_All three books about Karen and Robert in the Falling For Him Series – new adult romantic series box set, romance bundle.

Karen thought she had it all: a good job, wonderful friends, and an awesome boyfriend. But after the wedding party of one of her friends, her perfect world comes down when her boyfriend Robert confesses he’s already married to another woman – a woman he hasn’t seen in more than four years and has no idea where she is or if she still lives.

Can he find his wife and get a divorce? And can Karen forgive him for his huge lie?

Soon enough they find out there’s much more at stake than just their own happiness.

The boxed set is part of the Falling for Him series. This steamy contemporary romance series is written for readers who enjoy contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and new adult romance.

Karen and Robert – The Complete Collection can be read as standalone novella, but you might want to read the other books in the series for greater enjoyment.

Get to know Rachel and Peter, ***DOWNLOAD the FREE ebook ‘Falling for Him 1’ TODAY*** (Falling for Him Contemporary Romance Series, Book 1).

*Due to mature content, the series is recommended for readers aged 18+

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“For those of you that love to read series in a box set you don’t have …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Atlanta Whitlock

For those of you that love to read series in a boxset you don’t have to worry anymore as Jessica Gray has just released Karen and Robert’s story as one today. I know that some of you prefer doing that as it’s just easier to carry on with the rest of the books, so I hope that if you haven’t read this series yet you will go out and grab your copy today. For those that haven’t read this series I will give you a little bit as to what this is about.

Karen and Robert have been together for nearly three years however whilst at a wedding when Robert’s asked when will he be asking Karen to marry him is when everything in Karen’s world gets turned upside down. When it becomes of knowledge that Rob is already married it crushes Karen and makes her want to leave him, however after giving it a few days to think it all over she comes to the decision that if he wants to stay in her life then he needs to end the marriage to his current wife. However with Rob not actually knowing where she is he is only given a certain number of weeks before he loses Karen altogether. So will he be able to accomplish what Karen wants and be a part of her life or will he not be able to find his wife. Honestly you will want to pick this up, after reading the series for myself I did enjoy it, so I hope that you will all too.

About the Author

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Jessica Gray is a true romantic. She writes heartwarming and sexy contemporary romance and new adult romance full of love. All her stories have a happy end. Because if it isn’t happy, it isn’t the end yet 🙂

Her characters are like normal people with all their flaws and challenges, but they are all lovable. Her heroes are hunky alpha-males who aren’t afraid to show their emotions and love that one woman the way she deserves it. Her heroines are sassy, self-confident women who can take care of themselves, but aren’t opposed to a man who want to take care of them and cherish them.

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