Forty-Nine Day Funeral by Mrs. Hitomi Kemper

51VnXpIKzCL._UX250_After receiving the news of her mother’s death, the author rushes back to her home island Okinawa. There, she struggles to deal with her sisters and her broken family. She also reunites with friends and participates in the selfless duties that are part of this beautiful and miraculous culture.

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“An honest and authentic account of life as a lady of Okinawa”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sakura

If you’re interested in understanding how a Japanese person really thinks and feels then this is the perfect book for you. If you write about Japan or if you want to delve deeper into the mind-set of the Japanese people you’ll be wonderfully surprised by how much you can learn from this true story. When a Westerner visits Japan it’s generally difficult for them to tell whether a Japanese person is showing “honne” a person’s true feelings or “tatemae” a façade put on for the public. This non-fiction book is pure “honne”. Not only will you begin to understand how a funeral is arranged in Japan, a subject most Western people know very little about, you will also be blown away by the intricate details. You will also love the way the extremely well-written text describes how these Okinawan people behave, feel, think, and react during this time of mourning when family members must face each other and make important, yet very difficult decisions, which will inevitably affect the family dynamics. When you finish this book you will definitely be touched and moved by the descriptions of the charming Okinawan culture. This book does not take long to read but it is intelligently written and quite profound. The author Hitomi Kemper shows an emotional strength in her writing that you don’t often see in non-fiction books and I was very impressed by her excellent understanding of the English language.

About the Author

Hitomi was born in a small village of Okinawa Japan in 1962. She was very active student. Despite her parents separation, she academically accomplished. She enrolled in Koza high school. After she graduated from the high school, she attended Kokusai Kankou Gakuin school. There,she learned English. She met her husband, lives in the United States. She has been the mother of three children in a very supportive family. Then she learned English as second language and Liberal education at Yuba Community College in California State. She also studied General Accounting in Associates and graduated from Ashworth College.

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