Heritage by Rebecca Walton

bfhMeet Elle Bale, an average run of the mill college student. Or so it may seem. Her real name is Adabelle Gabriel and she is the daughter of an Angel King and a fallen Angel. Follow her life as she tries to control the evils of the world whilst battling her own demons and trying to finish college without getting anyone killed.

Demons are always one step ahead.

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” A really good read. I highly recommend it. I hope there’s a sequel.   “

Five Star Review on Amazon by Tracey Wood

About the Author

Hello everyone,

My name is Rebecca and I love, love, love anything to do with fantasy. So that’s why the books that I write are all fantasy based. I have a degree in childhood and youth studies so I know a bit about YA. Currently I am working in a medical based career, but I still enjoy writing constantly.

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