P.O.V. Volume 1 by C. P. Clarke

This book is a collection of 13 biblical accounts told from the perspective of some of the lesser known characters in the Bible.
Ever wondered what Rahab thought about the Israelites when they came to Jericho, or what the soldiers thought of Paul when he was shipwrecked, or how about what was running through Sapphira’s mind when she held back the money from the disciples? Get to read their point of view along with some other great bible characters.

‘C. P. Clarke has a good eye for detail and a great turn of phrase. I recommend these retelling of Bible stories, both the more familiar and the less.’
Andrew Watson, Bishop of Guildford
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About the Author

C. P. Clarke is a London based writer of general fiction with four novels currently published spanning a variation of genres.
The alternative reality created in his novels explores the motivation behind some dark characters and their attempts at redemption.
Life in Shadows straddles two worlds linked via a mysterious portal guarded by a mysterious ancient figure.
Stalking the Daylight dips into the world of sci-fi as an experiment gone wrong opens up a wormhole in time and a lethal disease which has the potential to threaten the world.
The Killing and Vicky Rivers delve into the deranged minds of a couple of crazed assassins as they struggle with personal conflict on their latest assignments.
There are general themes of a secret organisation manipulating events and ghostly figures seeking to control of our reality.

C.P. Clarke is a Christian poet and sometime actor and has written for stage and screen, having performed own material for TV and radio, as well as on stage.
POV – A Personal Perspective of the Bible is a collection of Bible stories written from the point of view of various biblical characters. Volume 2 is currently in the works.

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