Saving Grace by Tobin Michael

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Saving Grace by Tobin Michael opens an exciting drama in the Zach Corrigan Series, a gripping story of former U.S. Marshal, Zach Corrigan, who has scores to settle with a Russian gang lord…Tobin Michael’s work will surprise readers who haven’t read about him, because it is suffused with genius and imagination, and will undoubtedly be a precious find for lovers of general thrillers. The author has the skill for building conflict at every level of the story, without losing focus of the main plot lines. The swift change from the first person POV to the third is accomplished with grace, and this style allows readers to get into the heart of the consciousness of the characters.

“Revenge is a confession of pain.” Latin Proverb.
Former U.S. Marshal Zach Corrigan figured truer words had never been spoken. Russian mob boss Yuri Popov would hear his confession of pain… soon.
Ten year old Grace has been kidnapped. Scared and alone she wants nothing more than to go home. So why hasn’t anyone come to help her. Why has her family abandoned her. When all seems lost a young boy appears and gives her hope.
When Zach decides to put his plan for revenge on hold to help get Grace back his life take wild twists and spins out of control. This fast paced read will have you itching to turn the next page to see what happens next.

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“Great Story”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Nina M

Best book I have read in years!!!!

About the Author

Retired U.S. Marshal now Author of The Jake Mathews series. Huge Football Fan. I love to learn new things. I hate hypocritical and self centered people.

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