The Farm on Nieuw Land Road by Hannah Warren

Jenna’s greatest passion is dance. Nothing else matters, not even her health. No one else matters, except her dog Mauritius. And yet, erratic as Jenna is, she leaves him behind in Holland to pursue a Broadway career in New York. All alone in the Big Apple, she tries to survive.

Boras is her dance partner, but she doesn’t allow him in, and yet when she collapses, Boras is the only one close enough to save her. Jenna becomes too ill to dance and must make new choices. She must find herself, for knowing herself is the key to restoring her health, to restoring her dance career.

On the brink of eternal despair, she returns home to the cottage on the Belgian border, a place filled with terrible memories. Also there she is alone. Not even Mauritius is there to greet her, tail wagging.

Up the road is Nieuw Land Farm and the owner becomes Jenna’s saviour. Denise was a nurse and now breeds horses and she takes Jenna into her care, but Denise too has a past she seeks to escape. Her past will find her, in the form of her husband Carlos.

The two women connect to lean on each other and the stories they unveil weave together to form a tale of friendship, of family, of hope and of finding strength, of new choices and ultimately of seeking a new future.

The Farm on Nieuw Land Road is the second book in The Jenna Kroon Series. Book 1 is The Cottage on The Border.
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Two women discover friendship and healing”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Elaina J Davidson

Hannah Warren writes with her quill dipped in prose while delving into the inner worlds of her characters. This is a beautiful story when it comes to depth and understanding, and it is mesmerizing in that every situation is set out so well, we feel as if we are right there, whether in New York, the farm on Nieuw Land Road or Argentina. Add to that a tale of two women who have suffered greatly to discover friendship and healing from sharing the pain with each other, and we are gradually taken out of the darkness into the light.

I loved this! It is an emotional journey, but one well worth undertaking. Well done, Hannah! Highly recommended and deserves five stars indeed.

About the Author

When I’m not writing or thinking about writing, you can find me at the paid job at my local university translating stuff and recruiting international students, experimenting with organic food in my kitchen, stretching my old bones in Yoga or glued to WhatsApp exchanging funny messages with my grown-up kids.

But writing is the real deal for me. I love creating complex characters (mostly women), who are faced with impossible choices in life and still they crack it, whether they perish or not. I write both contemporary and historical fiction and suppose I’m quite old school with my descriptive, character-driven style.

Recently I joined the writer’s collective 13th Sign Publishing. Apart from publishing books, we bring out a quarterly free eZine on topics we love: healthy living, healthy eating and great reading.

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