The Monkey King: Journey to a State of Presence by Amira Tchlyndria Kidd

518GX-caqmL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The sweet sands of Dubai have long fallen from the soles of Salem’s shoes, but the grip of the Grin holds tight. Cursed by the naughty deeds of a Chinese monk and his apprentice the Monkey King, Salem lives unknowingly in a continuous state of uncertainty. Born a hermaphrodite and raised as a male, it was never an issue, but with the visit of his parents to the states, dark memories of the past resurface. Tussling over the love of a girl after an unusual encounter with a stranger, Salem begins to question his existence. A new job after graduate school, an unforgettable party that must be held, and a sister who plans on secretly staying in the states life has become a whirlwind of problems. Spinning into a state of turmoil Salem must choose to accept the life handed to him at birth or defy all that he has believed in order to enter a state of presence.

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“The Monkey King, A Must Read!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sheanneen Shelby

An intelligent and thoughtful journey through personal identity and the evolution of self discovery. Put The Monkey King on your list. It’s a must read!!

About the Author

Growing up in Mobile, Alabama and converting to Islam during her college years. Amira Kidd is no stranger to change outside of a world of her own. Spending three years in Dubai as teacher and then principle of an international school, she was inspired by an international student, to write The Monkey King: A Journey to a State of Presence. A world traveler with a love for world culture Kidd hopes that through creative story telling she can bring insight and acceptance to different beliefs and lifestyles world wide.

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