UNHOLY REVENGE: DI Helen Cooke Investigates by RC Welsby

A fast paced, gripping story of revenge, and dark family secrets.
What happened so long ago to set a killer on a murder spree? Why are members of the same family being targeted?

DI Helen Cooke and her team are called in to investigate the death of a woman found at the side of a river. With no clues or motives, Helen finds herself investigating another body, found at the scene of a fire. Are the deaths connected?

Helen learns of an unsolved murder in Durham, and she believes it’s connected. As the investigation progresses she realises there is a serial killer on the loose. A life and death search for a fourth potential victim takes place as Helen races to prevent another killing. Is she in time to prevent further bloodshed?

Helen’s past comes back to haunt her and puts her career in jeopardy as she pursues the killer. Her life is in mortal danger as she confronts the killer one last time. Is she able to avert another death?

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“A fast-paced page-turner!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By enjoylife

RC Welsby has created a strong and well-rounded character in DI Cooke. We are drawn into her investigation from the dramatic and quite shocking start, and taken through the work of finding the killer, with some surprising twists and turns along the way. The author takes the reader out of the everyday life of a small town, which she understands well and evokes beautifully, and transports us into the unfamiliar, shocking and yet fascinating mind of the murderer. Is such evil lurking in your ordinary town? That’s a question you may ask yourself after reading this. An enjoyable and pacey read – more of DI Cooke please!

About the Author

Ruth Welsby was born just outside Liverpool, and thinks of herself as a Liverpudlian, although the last forty eight years has been spent in Cheshire. ‘You can take a girl out of Liverpool, but you can’t take Liverpool out of the girl.’
Her second love is her adopted town of Frodsham, were two of her novels have settings.
Ruth now lives four miles from Frodsham in the small village of Helsby.

School was not a happy place for Ruth, as she had problems with her school work which left her educationally challenged at the age of fifteen. This didn’t deter Ruth from following the career she had always dreamt of. She became a student nurse, and slowly but steadily rose through the ranks of nursing, ending up as a manager caring for palliative patients. A dream conquered. Another was attained at the age of seventy when she published her first novel ‘The Legend of Grace Roscoe’ and now at the age of seventy two a quick change in genre and Ruth has published her debut thriller ‘Unholy Revenge.’ She says she’s proved ‘it’s never too late’ to write your first book.

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