I Want to Meet My Mama – Getting to Know Her by Jo Anne Meadows

319l5X9JmcL._SX355_BO1,204,203,200_I Want to Meet My Mama is the story of a woman who had been given up for adoption at birth, but ultimately found her family and incredible success and happiness in life. Even though the book is fictional, many people can relate to some of the things in it. They can also learn how to cope with challenges in their own lives, learn how to set goals and to become successful.

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About the Author

Jo Anne Meadows was born in Lanett, Alabama on March 11th, 1954 to her proud parents Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Annie Meadows. Jo Anne lived in Louisville, Kentucky for twelve years, then later moved to Los Angeles, California where she resides at the present with her children and grand children. Jo Anne is an author, lyricist, freelance writer and an entrepreneur, she enjoys writing books and lyrics. Jo Anne also enjoys designing giftbaskets and balloons at her giftbaskets balloon business. Jo Anne is the author of the fictional novel, “I want to meet my mama”(Getting to know her). Her book can be purchased at, www.e-booktime.com, her book is also on the barnesandnoble.com and the amazon.com websites. Please look forward to Jo Anne’s autobiography in a few weeks.

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