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With so many contents published daily on the Internet, it is very important to create awareness about your contents on social media to give your books and other digital contents a wider reach. Here at Shout my Book, we provide you with multiple ways to promote your book to thousands of voracious readers.
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These stories encompass my 32 years of military services along with some personal events.


I cherished the opportunity, welcomed the discomforts, allowed them refuge.

The Dancer

The Dancer available at Amazon, is a simple story of a young woman in love, a young woman who is trying to find out who

The Ghost Finder

To their surprise, they find their first client in the form of Daphne’s skeptical sister, Ariana.

Red Flags

This is the first part of that story. God, through His Holy Spirit, is forever trying to steer us away from danger and along His path of right living, but as is so often the case, we ignore the red flags – the signs, the prompts and warnings – signalling danger.

Secret Finder

Nick and Katherine are on a collision course. Detective and suspect are falling for one another. Both want answers. Both will stop at nothing to save the other.


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