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Featuring books in over twenty genres, from both top-tier publishers and critically acclaimed independent authors.

Here are some of our recently Featured books in our Book Blog.

The Stonegate Sword

The free towns of the rugged mountains and plains are in the path of conquest.

A Fire in the West

The award-winning Stonegate series continues.
Secrets emerge from the past to change the lives of everyone, and the False Prophet returns, stronger than ever.

The Janus Journals

Will probing the past, through her father’s secret journals, save her future?

The Trafficking Murders

Three lives harbouring long-cherished dreams. Three lives headed for tragedy.

Home To Kentucky

A treacherous journey. Wagons packed with gold. Will the McCoys outrun a group of lawmen or swing from the gallows?


A loose band of survivors fight for their lives.

Life After Care

This is a heartfelt, true story, of how a troubled young man managed to turn his life around.

The Dream Thief

And if Steven fails, it will not only mean the destruction of the Dreamland, but of our own world with it…

Something in Madness

But instead of peace, they find unregenerate Confederates who reject emancipation still in charge.


Christian Romano lives his life as a con-artist, burglar, drug dealer, and a ladies’ man, using his good looks to con wealthy women out of jewels and money.

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