We will shout your books to our subscribers and followers which helps them to find new good books which they are keen to read. These Shouts will give the Authors wider reach of their books. we use our social media Platforms to reach new voracious readers and book lovers.bookshout

So guys if you want us to shout your book on our website, then simply submit your Book here.

Esther Luttrell“Thank you for promoting my book The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell. Within a week of your promotion, sales began to climb. Today, I had a pleasant surprise when I learned that sales have gone up each day, consistently. I’m ready to contact you for another month and another book.!”

by Esther Luttrell

Author of #1 Bestselling Mystery Book – The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell

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  1. I would like to hear about your services. I am the author of a mystery series that is beginning to attract interest in Canada and the US. My aim is to obtain international sales.

  2. Good evening. I want to know if you promote only book in English or even Italian and Spanish. Thank you.

    1. Dear Enrico, At present we are primarily promoting books in English language, we will inform you once we start promoting books in other languages also.


    1. Dear Rachel,
      We have not added you to any list so you don’t have to bother, also we do not send spam for searching customers because we have very limited slots.
      we tried our best to keep the prices low, but we can’t go below, so we cant help you with prices. Thanks

    1. Sure, we will use them.

    1. Hi Richard, we will definitely do our best.

  4. Authors: if you’ve used this promotion service, please tell us what RESULTS you saw for your $34.99. Is it worth doing? Did you generate enough sales to recoup your $34.99?

    I want to be sure you’ll include links to our author website (where WE keep majority of retail sale amount) vs. promoting the Amazon link (where Amazon keeps vast majority and enriches their shareholders.)

    Also, my award-winning children’s books are bilingual (Spanish/English) – do you have native Spanish speaking /writing staff?

    Lastly, WHO are your 80,000 followers? My buyers are teachers and librarians. I don’t want to spend $$ to promote my book to 80,000 fellow authors. 😉

    I look forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Graciela,

      Firstly thank you for raising some relevant questions. We do include author’s website links if the author so requires. Also, our followers are mainly book lovers, avid readers who are keen on receiving information in regard to independently published books.

      We ensure that we inform our followers of the exact nature of the books and material we are promoting. our followers are mainly english speaking. We would be glad to promote your english books

  5. Hi.
    Your page sounds interesting. I am in England, though my books are on Amazon USA and UK.
    Does your site work for all nationalities?

    1. Yes Maud, we have global reach. we would be happy to promote your books

  6. I see lots of questions here, but no answers.

    My question is what currency is the cost please.

    1. Hi janet. we apologize. We are trying to respond to everyone’s queries. please bear with us.

  7. I just signed up for a quarterly. Here is the website for my book. I would like to use my own photo of the book. Please send me an email so that I can send you my photo of my paperback book. best Kelly Winsa

  8. Every time I attempt to pay my bill, I have to resubmit several times. In sdon’t wantr to be forced to use Pay Pal I justv submitted the billing info and it failed to process AGAIN!!!

    1. Dear Richard,
      we will look up into the matter and will let you know, also please try after some time. also we will take your concern further and will look for alternative payment gateway.

  9. I tried to submit a story of mine. Of course it took the pay information and all of my information, bt never showed anywhere anywhere about which story I wanted you to promote. Then it wanted me to submit payment, again without asking anything about the book?????

    1. Dear Joseph,
      It asks for the link of the book, and we pull necessary details of the book from the link.

  10. Hey,
    Thank you for your promotion. My cover has changed. I hope it would’ve been changed before you guys started, but you started before I thought you would. Please change it. amzn.to/1WHCc2U is my book. I signed up for the 30 day plan. I will add more when it runs out. Thank you so much!!

    1. Dear Cameron,
      Sure we are quick in our services, we will do the changes requested by you.

  11. When tweeting pictures on Twitter my pictures do not appear. I don’t know why. No one seem to be able to help with the issue not even Twitter. Would my book cover appear? I need to know this before I make a purchase.

    1. Thank you for writing, we fixed the issue which you had with many other promoters. Now we tweet your book with the cover image.

  12. Hi There, I have just signed up and put the link to my book i hope it worked! ‘Heart, Broken My Journey to Self Healing … Could you put a photo of the book on there please, My book has a message to every person in the world, we can all heal ourselves naturally from any physical or emotional pain , we are not victims, we are incredibly powerful beings… This is my true story ….
    ( Would you be able to put this on the promotion please, as otherwise people will not know what it is about.

    1. Dear Jackie, We will definitely change theme accordingly, only thing is that we have to follow twitter word limit, so we will try to the best possible thing in this regards.

  13. I need you to alter my promotion page slightly. I have been hash tagging a pharse from my book your promting. Been getting lots of likes and inquiries. Would you squeeze in the acronymn “CauseHe’sRisenI’mSavedToday” in the page it will draw more people like I have seen since Sunday last week thx. Let me know when my promotion is about up

    1. We have already done that on your contact form request.

  14. I just submitted my book and payed. Thank you so much for helping me reach new readers. This is my first attempt at paid promotion because I have been a bit afraid of paying for advertising. Reading your testimonials and how you respond to people so well made me choose your service.

    1. Thank you Jim, feel free to order our promotional plans, we have been trusted by thousands of satisfied authors.

  15. Hello, I am an aspiring poetess, my first book an anthology of poems is with the publisher. Do you also consider books in pre-publish stage for promotion.


    1. Yes Seema, we do consider books in pre-publish but they should be available for pre-order for customers.

  16. My website is abolishchildsexabuse.com and my paper edition is
    How to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse:Begin by asking is that a sexual predator hiding behind that badge?
    1. If I want to try for one month is it $9.99 or $12.99

    2.Does my website have all you need?

    1. Dear Steve,
      One moth promotion is of USD 14.99, you can try us with that first.
      Yes your website have all the details required for promotion

  17. I just signed up for your Yearly Book Promo but I have two books. One which I would like to run as the main feature from now through the end of Feb. available in E*read and paperback at all major online bookstores, ( A Glimpse from Christmas Past – Ages Kids from 1 to 92 ISBN# 9781481740289)

    The other, Keira in the Mirror ( Ages 2 thru 6 ISBN# 9781620869024) to be mentioned as also by the author for more info see (www.dcdonahue.com) during the above times. Then from Feb. through Nov. to reverse the above making this the main feature and my holiday book as also by the author along with my website for more info.

    If we can accommodate this I would be willing to do it again next year (Nov. thru Dec.) if I see a bump in my sales. Let me know ASAP I already submitted my online payment.

    Dan Donahue/Author

    1. Sure we will get back to you with more details.

  18. I see that another children’s author inquired about your services. I’m a children’s author promoting one book for now and would like to know if your network reach includes buyers of children’s books, children’s reviewers, bloggers, and children’s market influencers, and if so to what degree.

    1. Thanks James for the query, we will get back to you soon via email.

  19. I am interested in marketing my book In This Moment Angels’ Sweet Reflections which is on Amazon, Balboa PRess and Barnes & Noble. I want to add text to the Google+, Blog and anywhere else you post that will take more than 400 characters. The text would be: “Over 250 Inspirational and Spiritual Quotes Channeled by the Angels to Brenda Rachel Concerning Love, Peace, Hope, Joy, Support and Encouragement.” Also, do you just use the amazon link? How do I get a photo of the book to you? As soon as you answer these questions, I will sign up for one of the programs.

    Angel Blessings,
    Brenda Rachel

    1. Dear Brenda, we can use any link which you will give in the form you submit. also you can add the text but we have a limit on twitter for text. We will pull the image of book cover from the link which you provide in the form.

  20. I have 52 books on Kindle and would be interested in perhaps promoting 40 of them. Could you advise me of the monthly cost of such a promotion, bearing in mind that they are sold for only 99c each and the promotional cost obviously cannot exceed my 35% royalty income from them.
    Since this question has already been asked several times from other authors, do you now have a bulk plan for such a situation?

    1. We are planning to have a bulk promotional package, we will let you know .
      Team being Author

  21. Do books have to be done one at a time or can multiple books be done. What is the limit on the number of books that can be done if multiple books can be done?



    1. yes we promote multiple books. you will have to subscribe to a separate plan for each book.

  22. Hello There,

    I have 3 books that I usually try to promote together. Would it be possible to have the bi-annual plan cover my 3 books together. Or would I have to sign-up for 3 different Bi-annual plans to get the same effect?

    Thank you for a response.

    1. You can always give it a try with any one of your book. If you like our services then you can sign up for more books. we promote one book in one plan only.

  23. Hello there,
    I published a series of 5 children’s books- Is there any publicity program that can be suited for me?

    1. we a planning to have a promotional scheme which can be suited for authors of Multiple books. Just wait, we will let you know.

      1. Let me know too please

  24. I am interested in your services, and I have three books. Would I have to submit a fee for each one?
    Thank you.

    1. Yes our promotional campaigns are designed on the sis of a single book, you can go for a monthly subscriptions for all your books.

  25. Looking forward to reaching more military families with my book’s message through your media contacts. Thanks! I’m not sure I gave you the link to my book’s page on Amazon.com. Can you check and let me know if I forgot.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Lisa, you have given the link of your website, but we have taken the Amazon link of your Book from your webpage, so you need not have to worry about it. Thanks

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