SMB Staff

Visual Encounters

Her encounters encompass spiritual images, telepathic transmission, and communication from beyond.

Toward Happier Choices

The flawed divinity of the human condition, becomes a rebel’s handbook. Rich soil for the curious mind.

lazarus Larusso

His memories are doors he keeps locked. When the mutilated bodies of young women show up on his patch love him or hate him, you will read to the finish.

A Witch’s Guide to Spellcraft

Yet the ability to work effective magick is there for us all, and by making simple changes in your approach, you can create deep and lasting changes within your life.

The Truth Never Lies

The Russians, British and Americans were well used to the cloak and dagger world of espionage and playing the game of counter-intelligence for the benefit of their citizens.

The Reinecke Enigma

Barton must act fast to thwart an old and ruthless enemy in their attempt to secure the ultimate prize, the final resting place of Alexander the Great of Macedon…

Sassy Springbok & Glimpy Gazelle

Laugh along with Sassy & Glimpy as you travel across the Serengeti plains. A “must-read” for Dr. Seuss and Hans Christian Andersen fans!

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