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The Latitude

Florida’s Citrus Belt, finest place in the world to grow citrus, Tropical Zone summers, hot, humid, rain. Temperate Zone winters, mild, possible touch of frost, minor chance of freeze.

Kinmel Revisited

You will find yourself in scenes of a long forgotten era where men screamed in pain and to the horrors that Captain George Sawley had witnessed.

Brushed Off

When another artist is murdered, she joins the hunt for the killer.

The 30 Greatest Pubs in York

Ian Hirst has chosen these 30 pubs – each has a great atmosphere. Tourists and locals will enjoy the tales of ghosts, criminals, colourful landlords and many other interesting stories.

Murder by Mail

The killer places, beneath their bodies, an editorial page from the Sun-Messenger containing a letter that each victim wrote.

The Commander

Best-case scenario is he gets the job done, and no one knows it was him that did it.

Saints and Cynics

The mystery is compounded by startling revelations found in the Ethiopian Book of Enoch and Tom is convinced there is a connection. A connection someone does not want him to make.

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