Tall Tales from Afar

A sympathetic and at times a bemused look at misunderstandings resulting from social and cultural differences across the world. Nineteen short stories with unexpected endings.

Shared Sorrows

Will their shared sorrows be enough to survive the media frenzy that follows?


A struggling lawyer. A bitter custody battle. A deadly fire. This case could cost Kenzi her career—and her life.


When a scandalous divorce trial interferes with a ruthless killer, can one tough lawyer find the truth before she becomes the next victim?

Shadows. Poetry volume III

There’s no way out from life and suddenly, you understand. You know where to go, you know what you want, you know who to be.

Retreat. Recollection. Renewal.

This book offers a fresh insight into wellbeing and how to make the mind a powerful ally in the pursuit of a happy, simple, yet fulfilled life.

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