Loukas and the Game of Chance

These celestial guardians will surely allow him to reverse his misfortune, restore his honor, and win back all that he loves and treasures, won’t they?

The Angel Ultimatum

This does not require that they also choose the right religion, as religion is not a factor, only love.

Winters Academy

Welcome to Winters Academy, home for the gifted. A place where your children can live freely using their powers.

Bernado’s Circus

They travel to Anzio Italy where they purchase a war damaged building and restore this to the former Casino. Business booms.

My Dream To Be Free

The search for freedom takes precedence always. Yet in reality, it is probably a case of running away from responsibilities.

Fitting In

Fitting into society comes in several forms. Here are three short stories which I have written; they are based on three different ways of Fitting In.


Alec Driver, a WWII veteran, uses the GI bill to earn an advanced degree in music from a prestigious university.

Madam in Silk

Based on page-turning accounts from the life of one of San Francisco’s most legendary madams.

Currents Deep and Deadly

The wondrous and terrifying events of this month-long adventure send Darcy careening towards eventual salvation and redemption, or utter destruction.

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