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Silver Linings by Angela Flowers

When Erin Grayson’s boyfriend Spencer Sexton suddenly leaves town, she discovers that there is more behind the strained relationship between Spencer and his brother Dylan than she thought. As the secrets begin to surface, Erin finds herself caught between the two brothers. Will she be able to help them reconcile? Or will she be the …

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The Wonderful Journey of Tara In an Unknown Land by Carmela Ben-Nun Moshe

The sound of the Screecher was heard all across Iron Island, warning its inhabitants to return to their cells. In the mass of bodies rushing to return before nightfall, Tara grabbed the rabbit and stealthily entered the forest. I can’t go back to that cell,” she said “I’d rather freeze to death here than live …

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Angels Bleed by Max Hardy

Five Star Reviews for Angels Bleed: ‘When I thought I had sussed the plot out, it spat me out and blew me sideways’ ‘A tense phsychological thriller that delivered everything you would expect and so much more’ ‘This story takes you into the dark regions of the human mind most keep locked up tight’ ‘A …

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Shari’s Shot by James Ross

Top Rated Cozy Mystery on Free Kindle Realistic Fiction That Could Happen To You! Events unravel after Shari Daniels-Donnelly files for divorce from real estate tycoon, Tyler Cy. Threatening texts, a lover’s triangle, confessions, jail time, and a liaison with a US Congresswoman add to the chaos. When a body is found in a carpool …

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Poka City Blues by A.L. Gibson

Poka City Blues is an African American fictional novel inspired by true life events. It is a story centered around Sedelia, a witty and tenacious woman who recounts her days of growing up and living in Poka City. While living in Poka City, Sedelia endures poverty, racism and abuse, but despite all of those mishaps …

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Dean’s Dilemma by Sabrina Twain

High School sweethearts, reunited due to tragedy, battle their demons to try and recover the relationship they once had. Things get complicated as they rekindle their love. In the end, does their love win out or do they lose each other forever? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KV2QBMI

Black Butterfl by Lorna Jackie Wilson

Black Butterfly is a compilation of poetry based on inspiration and life experiences of Lorna Jackie Wilson. This compilation reflects the journey of a young girl and challenges faced with self esteem and identity loss after foster care placement. As she becomes an adult, the journey travels through observations associated with faith, human character and …

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Lux et Tenebrae by Jesse Wolfe

Lux et Tenebrae (L.e.T for short) means light and darkness in Latin and this is a supernatural thriller about 3 siblings, their ties to each other, those they meet, and their supernatural heritage. It has fast paced action, comedy, and a little romance but at the heart of all this is a story about family. …

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Taichi by Marc Meyer

T’ai Chi Grandmaster Kuo Yun San leaves mainland China for what he thinks is the last time, creating a new life for himself,opening a T’ai Chi school in New York City and reconnecting with his Asian American family in Chinatown. He was once rumored to have been the bodyguard of Madame Chiang Kai Shek. Nevertheless, …

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