A Summer of Surprises

Jill learns to accept the idea of love not only from Brody but from his daughter, Kacy, as the summer brings even more surprises.

The Poseidon Files

This is a story about conspiracies: A top-secret military plot which threatens humanity and another plot to leak the secret to the world.

D*mn Near Perfect

Unfortunately, wanting sex and actually finding it are two very different things.

A Rose From The Executioner

These policies were taken out on these former priests ‘as a form of penance for their lives of being sexual predators’.

Demons of Divine Wrath

The paintings were traded to the Nazis for the lives of these Jews, who were supposed to be transported to Switzerland.

Quando Dormo (When I Sleep)

Every time Dr. Fazio sleeps, he has no concept of where he’ll wake up or any memory of what damage ha may have done the night before…

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