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47 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. Hello, I’ve emailed for certain details to be changed on the book description of your website.

    I paid for the blaster service on the 3rd of November.

    Looking forward to the Tweets of the book.

  2. Greetings!

    How are you doing? I want to contribute a guest post article on your website.

    It would just be a 3 step process;

    1. I will send you amazing topic ideas for a guest post article
    2. You’ll have to choose one topic
    3. I will then send you a high-quality article on that chosen topic

    I would just need a favor of backlink in return for the free, high-quality article. Please let me know if we shall start with the first step?

    Looking forward to your response.


    Aliza Zulfiqar

  3. Thanks you for your free book promotional offer forThe Amazing Adventures of Bertie the Border Terrier available on Amazon. Sales have been great in the US so I will pay for your services after your free offer. I just need to be sure you have the correct link for Amazon book sales in the UK. Maybe, if you have time, you can find it for me! Sorry, but I have a connection problem. Many thanks. Avon

    1. SHOUT my Book Team

      Dear Avon,
      Please go ahead with the submission, we assure you that you will get the best book promotion service at this cost.

  4. I just paid for your 30 day promotional services and neglected to invite you to the specific website for the book I am promoting, “Evidence of God”. If there is anything on the site that is helpful to you, feel free to use it. Thanks!

  5. Hi there, I’ve seen the promotions going live. However, it’s the same message over and over and over again. I’d love to see some variety in the message being pushed so that it resonates with a broader audience. It’s for The Innovation Revolution Book and @kmelissakennedy

  6. I’ve never marketed with you guys before. Will I get results on book sales? How does this work? I am trying to promote my Young Adult Novel.

    1. SHOUT my Book Team

      Hi Toni, our reach is as you must have seen is quite large. we can tell you this has helped many people

  7. I published my book “Metaphysics and The New Age” in 2009 through Amazon.
    Living in Australia I have not been able to access the publicity as I would have in the US.
    As non fiction I did not expect a great number of sales, but these have fallen to zero.
    I wrote this as a long standing member of The Aetherius Society which has a good website, but instead of helping it has been pointedly ignored probably because I was not loth to describe the terrible dangers which the earth experienced in the three assaults in the nineteen sixties. Hell could have risen up into this world.
    I am thinking of giving you a go for a month and see if the sales cover the cost.

  8. Hi, I’m loving the shout-outs for my book but PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE TYPO. Yes I’m, shouting but have messaged you on Twitter to no avail. The line for Outback Code reads “One missing fortune, many family secretes” Can this be changed to secrets before I go crazy? Thank you.

  9. I write faith-based fiction for the Christian market. If my books are marketed to the general market, I run the risk of bad reviews by people who weren’t aware of what they were buying.
    Is there any way to assure that my audience is targeted in the ads? #ChristFic or #ChristianFiction are the general hashtags.

    1. SHOUT my Book Team

      Hi Linda, we will definitely try and use hashtags which will reach people who would be interested in your book.

  10. Martin Campbell

    My novel is a historical novel based on the known relationship between the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his male lover. It is a romance novel including a lot of ancient spirituality. Would having a gay theme be a problem for you or your subscribers?

    1. SHOUT my Book Team

      Dear Cristina,
      we tweet only one link on one promotional campaigns, so what we recommend for you is that, you first try our service with any of your books first, then you may go for more if you want

  11. The Scheduling Institute

    It’s really very complicated in this busy life to listen news on Television, thus
    I just use web for that purpose, and get the hottest information.
    Thank you for the Information of such good writings.

  12. Hi, I have 5 books I’d like to promote. I don’t have to promote any specific on everyday however 2 books are season and should be promoted through the end of the year. What is the most economical way for me to do this? Thanks!

    1. SHOUT my Book Team

      Dear Jenkins, We are still working on a plan to cater the need of bulk promotion, we will let you know very soon.

  13. I have a two book series. Can I promote both books at the same time for one payment? How much would the payment be? Would it be twice the fee or a discounted fee for a recurring promotion? Please respond as soon as possible. I would like to get the promotion going BEFORE the Christmas Holidays.
    Thank you.

    1. SHOUT my Book Team

      All our plans are one time payment plan, simply pay now and sign up, no further payment is to be made.
      We DO NOT charge on recurring basis.

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