In the fall of 2013, while at a crossroads in life after a divorce, Aaron Lauritsen, did what many of us dream of doing but few ever will, he put his problems in the rearview mirror and headed out the door. After selling his business and all his possessions, he and his trusty K9 companion, Athena-bear, jumped in his Toyota pick-up truck, then ventured into the heart of North America for a road trip to end all road trips.

Because he hoped that by getting lost out there, he would somehow find himself again, he left without a plan or even a map, then for one hundred glorious days journeyed the continent carefree, via secondaries that were not only off the beaten track, but that were often all but forgot.

On them he traversed some 30,000 zig-zagging miles through thirty eight of the lower forty eight states and seven of the ten Canadian provinces. And yielded in the process an untold number of encounters weaved by confronting personal fears, history, worldly cities, eccentric people and adventurous activities. The real prize afforded by the time, distance and space however, was his spiritual awakening.

Follow along as he paints that epic voyage of discovery and experience the same unexpected serendipity that awaited them around each bend of the open road.
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Very inspiring! Makes me want to do the same!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Canadian Girl

I love how you feel like you are on the trip with him, like pals exchanging stories as you pass time on the road. These stories from his childhood and time in the Army are interwoven throughout as memories are conjured up along the way. Some of these stories will stay with you long after you put the book down. But at the same time he manages to paint a descriptive picture of the landscapes he drives through and offers historical insights along the way.This book appeals to travel adventurer’ers, history buffs, soul searchers and anyone who just loves a good story! So good!

About the Author

Aaron Lauritsen is a former professional soldier and small business owner turned wanderer who is currently working on his second book in a series of ‘100 Day’ travel adventures from around the world. He resides with his family in the foothills west of Calgary Alberta Canada where he cherishes world class craft beer, running painfully slow over long distances and living in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.

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