100 Quotes and Words of Wisdom for the Inquiring Mind…with Stories That Uplift the Soul is a self-help book of inspiration and motivation. The quotes are aptly elucidated by corresponding life stories that reveal deep human truths. It is an answer to the requests by so many social media friends resulting from the quotes being posted by the author on the Internet almost on a daily basis. The uniquely crafted quotes and stories as well as the lessons espoused are intended to encourage weary souls and aid mind harmony. The book will be useful to all who seek an emotional shield against the bricks and breaches life throws at them. It will also be very useful as a provider of icebreakers for speakers of all shapes and shades and searchers of deeper living truths and insights, and it will further serve as an essential complement to the various daily devotional guides that are available. This book is the first one of a series that will be published.