101 Ways to Die with a Horse or Live Happily Ever After

Why choosing the correct tack is important, Trailer loading and safety hauling tips, Health care and more.

Do you feel anxious about your own or someone else’s safety around horses? Do you fret over keeping your horse safe in his everyday life? Just getting back into horses or maybe you’re teaching someone else and cringe every time you see something done in an unsafe manner? Worry no more! Get simple to follow advice and safety tips for both horse and human of any age while at the barn, on the ground or in the saddle. A professional horse trainer and riding instructor for 45 years, Tanya Buck takes a no-nonsense, simple (and sometimes sarcastic) approach to the every day perils within the world of horses. Learning with humor has proven to be her best asset as a coach and makes the information fun, interesting and hard to forget. Throughout the U.S., horse trainers, veterinarians, riding instructors, parents and fellow equestrians recommend this and all the other books in the Horses Happily Ever After series. Buy this book now for the new (or old) horse lover in your life, or for yourself and learn some innovative and easy ways to ride safely, Happily Ever After! 101 WAYS TO DIE WITH A HORSE OR LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER is a safety guide covering all aspects of horses and horsemanship. Novice equestrians and professionals alike will find useful tips concerning the welfare of horse and rider. Aimed to simplify the world of horses and the prevent injury to the equestrian and the horse. Topics include:•How horses think and why it matters.•Safety measures to take before you get to the barn; what to wear, how to act.•Choosing the best trainer, veterinarian and farrier.•Buying and selling a horse.•Safely riding in company; on the trail and in the arena.•Why choosing the correct tack is important.•Trailer loading and safety hauling tips.•Health care and more.

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