2022 Best Mutual Funds

by – King Kovacs (Author)

retirement/savings investments with year-to-date performance gains

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Book Description:

On the Internet, mutual funds can be exceptional retirement investments to get higher returns on your investments, without much effort. You locate the moneymaking mutual funds, fill out an IRA application, return the application with your check and watch your money soar because of performance gains!
In the vast investment market of more than 8,000 mutual funds, how can you invest in mutual funds that provide investment gains and not losses? The book, 2022 Best Mutual Funds,identifies outstanding mutual funds that provide moneymaking . Your money is on the line, and you need to make decisions that shows profits and not losses.

The book has five major categories Retirement Prosperity, 2022 Best Mutual Funds Self-Directed Retirement, Individual Retirement Account, Mutual Fund Investing. The Retirement Prosperity provides a factual model of successful Individual Retirement Account. There are 23 mutual fund investments. Each investment consists of a 4-page, in-depth report that consist of the mutual fund name with ticker symbol, Investment category, Investment risk, current year, short-term and long-term performance, distribution of income and capital gain, and the average performance mutual funds in the same category.

This is the 11th Edition. Before you pick up that phone and call the mutual fund manager, read through the invaluable information that is shared in this book to improve your decision-making skills. Remember, before investing in a mutual fund, you need to know who the moneymakers are, and this book gives you the answer.
Here is just one example of a successful retirement investment:

The author strives to find and maintain a prosperous retirement portfolio of gains and not losses. He uses all the information in his books to achieve this goal and has been retired for 12 years and enjoying his success. This is the 11th edition of moneymaking

About the Author:

King Kovacs is the founder of Mutual Interest Data Service, Ltd. (Mutual Fund Analyzer and Researcher) since 1999. Having this experience and knowledge, he authored 10 financial investment paperbacks. The current paperback is Outstanding Mutual Funds. He has been interviewed on NewRetirement.com and published several investment articles on Ezine.com. King graduated with a Business Administration degree from Rider University in Lawrence, New Jersey. He served in the Air Force, Strategic Air Command from 1959 thru 1962. King is married and is the proud grandfather of 5 grandchildren.

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