Set in the near future, “2198 A Memoir from the Second Revolution, is an uncompromising, often gritty and explosive look into the lives of Benjamin and Lena Bradford as they join and fight as shadow warriors in the world’s newest and most powerful Private Military Security Corporation, Paradigm, in a race to defeat both foreign and domestic threats as America, and the world, falls into economic and political chaos. Driven by the desire to hold onto the life they are slowly losing and patriotism for a country they love, they take up arms to fight for an ideal that may no longer exist.
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“Fast and furious”

Five Star Review on Amazon By lindah

The characters were well written. My favorite of course, was Lena. I love a strong woman. There were some times my brain couldn’t keep up with the chaos but then that is what chaos does. Thoroughly enjoyable.

About the Author

Brian Dennis Hartford was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He currently resides within the beautiful East Mountains of New Mexico, near Santa Fe, with his wife, a dog, and a cat. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Security Management from American Military University. Brian has a diverse background, to include working as a professional artist, and actor. He started his career within the security field in 1993, working as an estate protection agent and then later as a security contractor for Dyncorp, G4S and US Security Associates among others. He now applies those life experiences towards his writing efforts.

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