24 Sussex Drive

by Sherrie Todd-Beshore (Author)

24 SUSSEX DRIVE: Puppet Prime Minister, Silent Invasion, Democracy's Last Stand.

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24 SUSSEX DRIVE is the official residence of the Canadian Prime Minister. And the peaceful democracy that shelters thousands of the world’s refugees has been infiltrated by a silent, invisible invasion. After WWII a secret elite in Stalin’s Russian military devised a strategy to gain political control of the passive North American democracy – Canada. By 1975 the twenty-year-old ploy had been so effective that enough sleeper agents were living and working at all key levels of Canadian society to launch the unprecendented coup, except for one element – a puppet prime minister. With the ‘puppet’ identified by 1982 the target goes about her business as if she has complete freewill. But when events Victoria Hamilton can neither understand nor explain begin to steer her previously well ordered life from local to national prominence, initial frustration – turns to alarm. However, perhaps the puppeteer underestimated their own target, but that still doesn’t mean the plan hasn’t worked…

About the Author

Sherrie Todd-Beshore (Author)

I began writing and publishing as a reporter then editor of my high school newspaper 'The Static'. Ten years later I committed to writing columns and features professionally for weekly magazines then daily newspapers in Alberta,Canada - Colorado, USA and New York. In 2006 I took another writing leap leaving journalism for full-time fiction: MG/YA mystery and adult suspense-thrillers. I've been so fortunate to have lived, traveled or worked in many European and Mediterranean countries. I have dual Canadian/US citizenship and call all of North America 'home'. My husband and I blended a family of five offspring in 1990. Those 'adventures' first featured in the Denver Post became material for my first non-fiction book [Blended Not Shaken-2003] the 2nd edition "ANOTHER-BLENDED NOT SHAKEN" was published in 2015. To date I have 17 titles in print and eFormat - of which my adult fiction mystery "FINE POINTS MALICE AND PAYBACK" was selected by the Independent Press Award Committee for a 2019 Distinguished Favorites Award in April then in June my Middle Grade fiction THE CROW CHILD was a Purple Dragon Book Award Winner via Story Monsters Ink. In 2020 another of my mystery suspense thrillers THE COUNT OF BALDPATE was chosen for a Distinguished Favorite Award - thrilled and honored. My sequel to "Dream Gate...Grabbing Air" is out and available - DREAM GATE II...GRABBING TIME.

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I thought it was a great read as the author writes the story so realistic it makes one wonder if it is really happening. I am familiar with all her locations which added to my enjoyment. She creates a informative understanding of the Canadian government and how it runs. The use of " code words" add to the mystery and the background of all the characters. I highly recommend this novel!