28 days family menu

This is not just a cooking book. This is a healthy way of living for your family.
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Book Description:

We are what we eat.

The surprise of organized Mediterranean family diet menu for 28 days, by improving your balanced family cooking and lifestyle with rich and healthy food. You don’t need to think about what you’re supposed to eat the next day. You have the plan with wide range of creative 160 family satisfying recipes. This is not just a cooking book. This is a healthy way of living for your family.

Like never seen before an everyday plan with a variety of diet recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after dinner, including salads, assortment of vegetables, meats and fish. The sea food options are larger than chicken, beef and pork. A combination of three days chicken, two days fish and two days beef or pork.

Healthiest family recipes cooked with strongly recommended extra virgin olive oil and the detailed quantity of the ingredients. Weekly shopping list as well.

There are more than ten different vegetables and fruits everyday day. Combinations such as one salad, three type of vegetable dishes served with meats or fish followed by fruits and snacks. This combination of assorted vegetables and fruits is a perfect balance to ensure a healthy life and immediate results for your family.

Step by step pictures and description like you never seen before in a cooking book

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About the Author ▸ Granit Tafilaj

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