300-Mile Man Triple Crown Edition by Phillip Gary Smith

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Book Description

Triple Crown of Winter Endurance Trek freezing trails with tough endurance athletes braving hundreds of miles in winter’s arduous elements: blowing snow, bitter temperatures, blustery winds. Discover polar secrets of these blizzardy behemoths. Face 366 miles of the big three of international winter ultras—Tuscobia Winter Ultramarathon, Arrowhead 135, Actif Epica.
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Five Star Review By Paul smith

This well written book chronicles the trials and tribulations of a highly focused runners with lots of pictures to validate the write . This is by far the best written book of this type I have ever read . This is a must read. I rate it a five star

About the Author

Curiosity is an elixir of life. Writing for various publications and varying types of activities offers Phillip Gary Smith the opportunity to drink heavily from the curiosity cup. Whether snowshoeing, trail running or researching the Monarch Butterfly for the SaveOurMonarchs.Org Foundation, he finds creativity in many nooks and crevices, translating those into books and articles. From a lifetime of experience in multiple businesses, from start-ups to very large corporations, lessons of life find their way into his writing. From losing to winning, he became an expert on trying, succeeding . . . and failing. Just check out the contents of HARMONIZING: Keys to get an idea of his range. Famously, he finds the hook of a story, the uniqueness that makes it compelling whereas others might overlook the lessons therein. Both a gift and a burden, one can learn from his offerings.

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