33 Incredible Survival Stories

How many of us could survive a raft in the sea for a month to then be put into a POW prison and survive harsh treatment and torture there.
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Book Description:

I have my own survival stories and maybe this is part of the reason why all these other stories interest me so much.

Everyone loves to learn about survival stories because it confirms the importance of the human spirit to live through trying and deadly situations.

I’ve included thirty three true life stories in this book. The criteria was that the persons in these events had to make a conscious decision to live. They decided not to give up and some did truly incredible things to survive.

We need to ask ourselves could we do some of the things they did to survive. For example, how many of us could cut off a hand to live if we were trapped in the wilderness?

How many of us could survive a raft in the sea for a month to then be put into a POW prison and survive harsh treatment and torture there.

These people have all illustrated the power of the human spirit to live through these experiences. And these experiences made them more confident people and better able to live through difficult situations in the future.

These stories are divided up into five categories:

•Survival In War
•Survival in the Wilderness and Mountains
•Survival in the Ocean
•Survival in the Arctic and Antarctic
•Surviving the Desert
•More Survival Stories for Ones which don’t fit a category

Martin K. Ettington (Author)
Martin’s interest in the Paranormal, Spirituality, and much more goes back to his childhood. He has had many paranormal experiences and has been a student of Eastern Philosophies and Meditation for 35 years. Seeking Enlightenment; he knows that we are already all Enlightened. We just have to realize this deeply. His books are expressions of his creativity to help others understand what he has internalized through study, experience, and membership in different societies. Martin K. Ettington is an Engineer by training and has had multiple careers. These include technical sales, owns his own software and consulting business and working as a software engineer, software development manager, and IT Project Manager. Not many technical persons or scientists spend a lot of time in parallel studying the Metaphysical and have had many spiritual or psychic experiences too. Therefore, Martin believes that he can provide a unique vantage point to integrate Western Scientific thinking with Eastern exploration of the mind and spirit. Martin has also written a lot on Longevity, Ancient History, Science, and other miscellaneous subjects to provide an open perspective to many interesting and controversial subjects
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