5% More by Michael Alden

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Book Description:

Small changes lead to big results that stick

5% More presents a painless route to change, with results that can last a lifetime. Whether you want to boost your health, wealth, or wisdom, this book reveals a key technique that makes it stick. You may already know that breaking big goals into small chunks makes them easier to achieve, but the trick is in making those chunks large enough to be productive, yet small enough to be sustainable. This book shows you how to bring your goals within reach with only five percent more effort. Five percent is almost unnoticeable in terms of effort—but it accrues quickly, with each step boosting the baseline. Increase sales, decrease your marathon time, boost your savings, or master a new skill. Just five percent more can get you where you want to be.

Small changes, small commitments, and small adjustments can lead to very big results. You can accomplish more than you ever thought possible in your business or in your life. This book walks you through the 5% More strategy to help you map your path to the future.

  • Accomplish big changes with very small steps
  • Make bigger leaps in progress each step of the way
  • Break big goals into manageable milestones
  • Find a change that you can stick to for the long-term

Mountain climbers don’t conquer Everest on their first time out—attempting to do so would be a tragic failure. No matter what your goal, no matter what your baseline, small, incremental steps set you up for success. 5% More gives you a concrete strategy for realizing your goals and making changes that last.

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About the Author

Michael Alden (1976- ) is an American author and President & CEO of Blue Vase Marketing. He was born and raised in Beverly, Massachusetts. Beverly is also where he started and runs his business.

In his own words:
“I would not say that I am a lucky guy. The success I have obtained was not handed to me; not by any means. What I do consider luck is the hand I was dealt. My childhood was made up of struggle after struggle and for this I am forever fortunate. Growing up I was constantly problem solving, adapting and strategizing just to get through everyday life. Then and now one thing still remains.

I always want more out of life.

The majority of society has no idea what they can accomplish and they, YOU, have the tools and resources to better any part of your life. You can get more out of life, just as I have, simply by asking. All you need is yourself. I’m excited to show you how.”

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