50 Challeging Doku Puzzles – volume 1 by Folkert Meulen Bosma

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Book Description

Volume 1 of Challenging Doku Variations is the first book of a series and contains 50 hand-crafted Sudoku puzzles (Dokus) that deviate from standard Sudokus. Each puzzle needs another approach for logically reasoning to find the unique solution. Standard Dokus contain one or more extra groups of coherent cells, equal to the grid size of the puzzle, with nice patterns or with the shape of a figure, that also have to contain the different digits or letters (Word Doku) exactly once. Special Dokus contain one or more extra groups of coherent cells, in which the number of coherent cells can deviate from the grid size. These groups have special properties/features with other types of logic than the Sudoku logic to deduce the unique solution of the special Doku, however in combination with the Sudoku logic.
Grid sizes vary from 6 by 6 through 12 by 12.
You are challenged to solve special Dokus such as the CalculoDoku (with real mathematical calculations in the Doku), the InfinityDoku, JigSawPiecesDoku, OddDoku, PalindromeDoku, SeriesDoku and the SpiraloDoku. Some puzzles are combinations of a standard Doku and a special Doku.
This book is a must have for all Sudoku enthusiasts that want to break out of the standard Sudoku logic and are eager to be challenged with Sudoku puzzles with extra groups of coherent cells with special properties, needing other types of logic to find the unique solution. It will bring you many enjoyable and brain-entertaining hours of puzzle fun when solving these exciting new Doku Variations. There are so many variations for you to ever get bored with these brain crushing puzzles!

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About the Author

Since 2013 Folkert started as a freelance puzzle creator to design and produce hand-crafted tailor-made Word Sudoku Variations for themed magazines, newspapers, companies, events and jubilees as prize puzzles. Since 2014 Folkert also designs Educational Sudoku Variations with types of logic that deviate from the standard Sudoku logic. Combinations of various types of logic result in exciting new Dokus, such as the CalculoDoku with math logic, DependenceDoku, InfinityDoku and SpiraloDoku. Most of his designs are Dokus with extra groups of coherent cells that also must contain the different digits or letters exactly once of the grid size involved. Including the combinations of the Educational Dokus and the Dokus with extra groups he has made more than 1,000 Challenging Doku Variations. This Volume 1 contains a first selection of 50 of these brain entertaining Sudoku puzzles.