by – Michael Shotter (Author)

A Science Fiction Adventure from the Author of “309”

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Book Description:

Jim Perkins had been through a lot, ripped from the only life he’d ever known and cast into a hellish landscape with little to no hope of survival. Still, the “big man” persisted, not just for himself but for his new companion.

Now, on the verge of death, the banker finds himself thrust into the midst of an epic, world-altering event far beyond his wildest imaginings. Can Mr. Perkins recover and secure his place in a new reality or is he about to make his final deposit?

“500” is the latest novel from acclaimed speculative-fiction author Michael Shotter. In the tradition of other volumes from The Nod/Wells Timelines such as “309,” “Shards,” and “The Big Men,” it tells its own standalone story while expanding on the universe and characters established in the author’s other works.

Eager readers may wish to note that “Mr. Perkins Goes to Hell,” currently available exclusively via Amazon’s Kindle Vella storytelling platform, can be read as a direct prequel to the events of “500.”

Reviews for the Book

As a massive fan of Shotter’s novel 309, I couldn’t wait to read 500, and IT DID NOT disappoint! He maintains the fast paced thought provoking style his fans have come to know. This novel crosses genres containing elements of action, sci-fi, horror and more, with characters you quickly become invested in. His descriptions are so spot on you can perfectly visualize the action sequences and complex concepts taking place.
While this adventure could be stand alone, fans of his prior works will absolutely love seeing all of the connections that have been building in this literary universe pay off.
I would definitely recommend that those who choose this as their first read check out his other novels too once they finish, so they can enjoy making those connections in their own way as well.
Not wanting to reveal any plot, I will finish by saying that as a fan of sci-fi adventure I found 500 to be fantastic read that had me reflecting on it for days after I finished - Gawonii

About the Author:

Michael Shotter is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a lover of science, fiction, and fantasy, his works aim to push beyond the boundaries of traditional genre fiction into new and exciting realms born from literary craftsmanship.

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