They are almost boyfriends, wannabee boyfriends, disgraced boyfriends, exposed boyfriends, never-going-to-happen boyfriends, live-in boyfriends, dishonest boyfriends, obsessive boyfriends, self-centred boyfriends, and dead boyfriends. Their history is brief because they mostly didn’t make the grade or, unfortunately for them, they just didn’t survive.
The twenty-five cautionary tales of A Brief History of Several Boyfriends are a mixture of the traditional and the experimental. Sometimes sad, often tongue-in-cheek, always intriguing, they are an exploration of women’s experiences and emotions from naivety through to maturity, leading the reader through hostile cityscapes and natural landscapes, digging deeply into the universal themes of innocence, infatuation, resignation, identity, rebellion, revenge, and rebirth.
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About the Author

Janet Olearski is a London-born writer based in Abu Dhabi. She has authored and co-authored over 40 textbooks and related materials for the ELT market.

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