A Bronx Boy’s Tale

If you grew up in the Bronx, or only wish you had, you should read this book.
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Book Description:

A Bronx Boy’s Tale is the story of a boy growing up in a special place at a very special time. Providing a neighborhood context to historical events, A Bronx Boy’s Tale helps you see America through the eyes of one boy who grew up in a time of tremendous change and strife, but who still had time to live a grand life in the greatest place on Earth. If you grew up in the Bronx, or only wish you had, you should read this book.

Editing this book was like eating a delightful smorgasbord from the 1960s in the Bronx, New York. Jim Newell's witty writing and hilarious memories are interlaced with the best songs of the 1960s, which formed a backdrop to his life as a teenager and a college student. He brings alive the incredible fun and freedom of life for kids growing up in the Sixties, when big groups of friends played outside until dark and everyone in the neighborhood knew and looked out for everyone else. His recollections will keep you laughing, and sometimes will make you cry (a little), and you will truly feel as if you've been immersed in that incomparable, never again replicated period in America when it was a great time to be young. The author has compiled a playlist of songs mentioned in the book for you to listen to as you read it to get the full immersion experience--a brilliant idea! Jimmy Newell is a fantastic storyteller, and you will feel as if you've stepped back in time to what really were the good old days.

-- words.woman.writer

Jimmy Newell (Author)

I grew up in the Bronx and married a girl from around the corner. Together they raised their three children in East Quogue on the east end of Long Island. A Bronx Boy’s Tale relates the joy of growing up in the Bronx as well as the history witnessed by this Bronx Boy. My wife Eileen and I have co-written a book titled Married With Cancer: One Couple’s Journey, which will be published in August 2018 by INDIEGO PUBLISHING.

If you grew up in the Bronx, or only wish you had, you should read this book.

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