A CASE FOR JULIE by Terry H Watson

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Book Description:

Julie Sinclair, writer and author, has her peaceful village life disrupted when several mysterious events occur, causing her to move into detective mode to restore tranquillity to the community.

What is meant by the sudden appearance of black vases, a tragic event at the local rescue animal centre, and puzzling activities in the attic of the oldest house in the village?

Julie, observant and inquisitive, finds herself as an unintentional sleuth. Lovers of the Miss Marple stories will enjoy the adventures in this little novella, the first in a series of stories featuring Julie.

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“Sweet Treat”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Rebecca Forster

Have you ever had a cake that was delicious but you couldn’t quite put your finger on which ingredients made it so? A Case for Julie is just such a confection. This novella is part Murder She Wrote with just a pinch of a thriller thrown in and all stirred up with the exceptionally unique voice of this author. I felt as if I was in the small village where the mystery takes place. I adored that the author did not try to create a work more palatable to the American vernacular – I seriously had a quick trip to Scotland with this work. I adored PC Bob, the village postmistress, the polite banter and exposition. As for Ms. Julie, author and sleuth, the woman was a wonder on her bicycle. This slim novel was so much fun I would recommend it to anyone looking for a lovely, sweet, unique and quick read.

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