Make this year’s Christmas Pageant one that glorifies Christ and brings joy to you and your family! A Christian Christmas Pageant is written in three different versions – English Standard Version, King James Version and the New Douai Rheims Version: This book reflects use of the English Standard Version. “A Christian Christmas Pageant” by Nancy Larson has everything you need for your home school group, school and Church groups to produce their Christmas Pageant or just use the book for guidelines for a Christmas program. This book includes: A Christian centered script, DIY instructions on sewing costumes and building props – complete with illustrations. “A Christian Christmas Pageant” also provides the hymns used in the pageant with sheet music – which helps to increase stability throughout the play. As an extra BONUS the book includes Note Pages in the back so that you can keep any changes and/or memos. There will be no royalties to pay for use of this Bible based script.