51fVI+WoocL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Christmas is a time for miracles, and in each of the stories in “A Christmas Tale and Other Stories,” wondrous things happen.

— A blizzard, a wreck, and two Samaritans show an estranged mother the way back to her children and to faith.
— Beggars outside an upscale L.A. church and a young girl teach the congregation the true meaning of Christmas.
— A girl encounters an angelic messenger after wishing on an heirloom ornament and learns her mother’s secret, a secret that has shaped both their lives.
— Ever-burning Christmas lights annoy Mrs. Emory’s neighbor, until the woman learns that Mrs. Emory’s son has been MIA for forty years. On Christmas Eve, both learn of the son’s death—and the eternality of the spirit.
— An unemployed laborer finds a fat wallet and a gray kitten during a snow storm. The money will make a memorable Christmas and a better life for his two children, but can he live with his conscience?
— A reticent legal secretary who attends the firm’s annual Christmas party discovers, with the help of a magical corsage, how her life has impacted people in the past and the present, but also learns that the future is hers to shape.
— A Scrooge-like CPA is pressed into service as an emergency foster parent just before Christmas. His two small charges prove that money is secondary to kindness and love.
— An out-of-work drifter robbed and abandoned by a trucker is rescued by a passing Samaritan. When a disabled child disappears, he and the townsfolk search through a blizzard to find the boy. A mysterious voice leads him to the boy; his faith is restored.
— An old man confined to a nursing home is visited by guides who, through revisiting his past, show him that a hardened heart can be softened by empathy and unconditional love.
— An upwardly mobile executive reconnects with her long-lost sister and children when she volunteers at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving. When her sister contracts a potentially fatal infection, she realizes that family and love mean more than possessions.
— A widow takes her frustration and fear out on her three children, who must find a way to bring Mom back to them.

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“Good Book for Christmas”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Joyce D. Long

I rarely read short stories, but I was looking for something that might put me in the spirit of the season. I’m glad I chose this book. Jan Weeks has written a wonderful collection of Christmas stories that make the magic of Christmas seem real and accessible to everyone. She has a remarkable talent for bringing her characters to life on the page, imparting so much information in the space of a sentence or paragraph that we feel we really know these people and what motivates them. I was deeply moved by the stories, particularly “The Night Visitors,” which brought tears to my eyes. Whether it’s a neighbor’s annoying Christmas lights, a long stretch of lonely New Mexico highway or a tiny kitten, Weeks reminds us that miracles do occur and that seemingly ordinary events have the extraordinary ability to forever change our minds and hearts. I highly recommend this book.

About the Author

Jan Weeks reads anything that doesn’t walk away and has been known to chase down moving T-shirts. Her writing is just as eclectic. Her essays, articles, short stories, and novels explore the everyday and the strange. She creates worlds where romance, murder, fantasy, and nostalgia rub shoulders. An avid adventurer, Weeks explores new places, new foods, new friends, and new ideas, all of which nourish her mind and spirit.

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