A Cross of Crocuses

Is there any escape for either of them, and if there is, will their health allow it?
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Reading a book like A Cross of Crocuses by Ken Ross will help you develop empathy because it forces you to imagine what you would do in a similar situation. These are the best kind of books. In A Cross of Crocuses, Nora and Basil are an elderly couple who have reached the point where they know they need their adult children to help them out. Unfortunately, Nora and Basil come to find out their children are not who they thought they raised them to be. Their kids are not nearly as willing to be caregivers for their parents like they expected. Instead, they seem to harbor bitterness and resentment at the task. However, the author allows readers to also hear the children’s viewpoints as the novel shifts viewpoints. This technique works well to allow readers to really understand the various characters’ motivations and true feelings. Ultimately, like most realistic fiction, this is a hard read, but it is also a good read.

-- Jen C.
Book Description:

A story about ageing parents and the responses they receive from their children as life gets tougher and they ask for help. There are many surprises, and shocks too, as events steer them on an unpredictable course. They learn that their children are not the individuals they had imagined them to be; their perception of each changes and they suffer bitter disappointment. Is there any escape for either of them, and if there is, will their health allow it?

Ken Ross (Author)
Ken Ross was born in 1953 at Westow in the East Riding of Yorkshire. As a child, he lived at Barmby Moor, Pocklington, and York, before his parents moved to Leeds in 1964. He attended Harehills County Secondary School until leaving in 1969. Married in 1971 he had an assortment of jobs while honing his writing skills. After his divorce in 1986, he brought up his 8 children alone and eventually succeeded in getting published. At first, he wrote articles for magazines but has gone on to write over forty books, the first twenty-odd being solely for children. He is proud of his novels, ‘A Cross Of Crocuses’ and ‘Ann – irresistible spirit’. He currently lives in Osmondthorpe, Leeds. Ken’s 2019 work is the romantic/erotic series of novels that includes WASTED PAIN, PROTECTION: sex, revenge & romance, BODIES: Erotic Suspense, MAMA Erotic Suspense, BROKEN SISTERS. and the recently added GOODBYE VIOLET. These six novels are interlinked with the characters all living in the same house in an American city; first occupied by Jerry’s Pa and Ginger in WASTED PAIN, then by Jerry and his gals in subsequent stories. The central characters are Jerry, Patsy, and Erica and their adventures often occur close to the grim town of Crickenville in Ohio. Another work published on 6th June 2019: ‘AN OLD AFFAIR’ – of particular interest to middle-aged, and above, singles who have thought about finding a partner. A good read. And finally, his last work of 2019 is ROSALEE’S PUNISHMENT, an erotic suspense novel about a guy whose partner has recently died in an automobile crash. A hot shocking read.
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