kbgjgkbkjbkAdrenaline, stress, and avarice are the drugs that make up the addicting cocktail of the global oil and gasoline markets. It is an industry that entices young men and women to pursue their dreams of attaining wealth beyond their means. It is an environment that destroys as many as it rewards. In A Crude World-A Life of Drugs, Greed, and Power in the New York Mercantile Exchange, Russell Andresen opens the curtains behind of one of the most secretive industries in the world, where loyalty means nothing, ethics is a four letter word, and silence is the most valuable commodity.

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“Could not put this down! A Triumph”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Finickyreader

Sensational. Everything I ever wanted to know about that scum that run the oil markets told in a way that anyone can understand. Would make an awesome movie or Netflix show.

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