51S26EDkpQL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Children disappearing without a clue, vanishing one by one . . . a Neighborhood jittery and on edge. Detectives Tony and Melinda search frantically for clues. People hot on the trail turned up dead. The entire town, including the two best detectives spiral into desperation. No one can be trusted; everyone is a suspect. When children’s body parts are discovered, the evidence points to Melinda’s partner. Can Tony really be the serial killer?! Melinda immediately became attracted to Tony, the gorgeous Latino when they were assigned as partners. They are the best on the force, dedicating their lives to solving crimes. Against their better judgment, they formed a forbidden affair. Not having a nurturing childhood, made Melinda crave for a loving relationship; she falls fast, head over heels in love. She is emotionally devastated when Tony abruptly decides to end their personal relationship. Is it because it is materializing into more than just a physical attraction for her? Or is it because she is discovering clues that may link him to the heartless crimes?

“A psychological thriller regarding two detectives, Tony Morales and Melinda Roberts, explores the kidnapping and murders of children while also examining the detectives’ personal and professional relationships. These characters’ stories lead to an ending that is fascinating and offers a twist in its own right. The plot is well done and makes it difficult for the reader to figure out who is doing the killing, although various hints make it exciting to consider” -The US Review of Books

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“love the twists and turns”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mia Thomas

Wow! such a thriller. The only downfall for the book is that it ended too quickly. took me a day and half. Movie status.
love the twists and turns. Couldn’t put the book down. Such a Thriller.!!!!!!!! Based on the ending, might be a sequel?? I hope.
Does anyone know if this Author has any more books out would love to read !!!!

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