The story follows the McCarthy family from Grandfather Joe to Grandson Mochien. We meet Joe on Midsummer day, a day when Mochien is about to marry Kate. An idyllic love story it is not. It takes us through a life of love, hope, tragedy and then the final price must be paid.
From there on the secret deals of his Grandfather and Father become part of his life, and the ultimate price of those secrets will be his to pay.
The journey takes us through lost children to lost souls, when only the wind will whisper the McCarthy name.
Follow Mochien and Kate on their epic journey and feel the pain.
In the story, you will find influences from the Druid, the Fairy kingdoms, and the devil. You will find folklore and practices that still exist.
rnjoy the journey and thank you for taking it.
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i have lived the past, survive the present and seek the future. its called survival of the fittest.

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