A Dish Served Cold by B.R. Stateham

Smell that aroma in the air, Pilgrim? That aroma which leaves a bitter, metallic taste on your tongue? That is the smell of revenge. Cold, unrelenting, murderous revenge. With an aroma like this floating in the air someone is going to die. Blood will be spilled. Biblical justice will be exacted. Smitty will make sure of that.
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“Great book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Jesse Divelbiss

Stateham continues to impress. Great story. Great read. Combines good old fashion mystery with action that keeps you hooked the entire way through. Looking forward to more from these characters.

About the Author

My name is B.R.Stateham. I am a sixty-sixyear old kid who never grew up. I write dark noir police-procedurals and even darker fantasy sci/fi. And although I look like a second-cousin to Frankenstein, really, I’m just as stubborn.

I plan to keep on writing that which I love to read. Since I can’t find the style of writing I like to read–I might as well as write it. Maybe you might find that you like this particular style as well. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

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