Paul Blake, the author of A Young Man’s Game, brings you twenty-seven short stories in this extraordinary collection of thriller, historical fiction, and sci-fi tales.

A small taste of the stories you’ll devour…

Hazy Shade of Winter – Stephen Kemp of MI6 is recuperating in Lake District when he hears of twenty nuclear bombs detonating in cities across the UK.

At Night – A grown-up story about the monsters under the bed finding their child has been taken. Meet Spider, Blade, Rot, and Murk the Night Terror.

(Nothing But) Flowers – ‘I see the body on the ground and it takes me a moment to realise it is mine. I look around for my head.’ A story about death and what happens next.

Out of Space – Major Pitman wakes up to a damaged spacecraft and a dead co-pilot…

The Rezal Principle – Stoddy Rezal is a custodian aboard the space freighter HXN8435, day-dreaming about improving his situation in life until he accidentally presses the button for the airlock.

Settle down, put your feet up, with a glass of your favourite drink beside you (alcoholic or otherwise), and leap into this collection of exciting and suspenseful stories.

What readers have said about some of the stories in this collection

“Reads like a movie script forcing vivid imagery into your head.” Hazy Shade of Winter

“This was intense. Intense is good, intense is great. Highly descriptive.” At Night

“The imagery and descriptions were all fantastic, with particular kudos to the post-death opening scene.” (Nothing But) Flowers

“I thought this was a very visual piece throughout, and I got a good sense of claustrophobia. That feeling definitely added to the sense of panic and suffocation as the story unfolded.” Out of Space
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