A Grave Mistake

by – Sandra Turner (Author)

Derek Gardener is a man not known for his generosity to others.

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Book Description:

Derek Gardener is a man not known for his generosity to others.
One rainy night, after drinking with friends and a heated argument with the landlord of The Fiddler’s Cat, he sets off for home, on foot, in a foul mood.
To add to his frustration, Derek suddenly remembers that it is his wedding anniversary, his wife will be unhappy he has forgotten the occasion, yet again. Desperate to reach home before the day’s end, he takes a shortcut through the churchyard and steals some flowers from an urn beside a gravestone.
Now, every action taken in life bears a consequence. Derek’s snap decision sets a chain of events that he is never likely to forget.

About the Author: Sandra Turner

My passion for writing began at primary school. I inherited this from my father, who was an imaginative story-teller.

I attended the HGSI Institute in NW London, where I met an amazing creative writing tutor who guided me & helped me to develop my ideas into stories. Feedback from fellow students was invaluable in helping me to shape and finish my first novel, a fantasy adventure (publishing date tbc). I now run my own weekly creative writing workshop so have come full circle. I am also an editor and manuscript critique.

I am visually impaired & passionate about raising sight-loss awareness & also co-facilitate a weekly mental health support group with my partner. I live in a house in North London and believer that we are the key holders of our own destiny. Never give up on your dreams, no matter how rocky the road or how old you are! Mine are the reason I’m where I am today.

You are NEVER to old to be published. I was in my mid-fifties when my book of short stories, “11 Stories on the Go”, was published. Sue Monk Kidd was 53 when her novel The Secret Life of Bees was first published. It became a bestseller and later a movie; Angelina Boulley was in her mid fifties when her book, Firestarter’s Daughter was published. Author Richard Adams. was 52 when his first book, Watership Down was published. It became an instant success and is considered a modern classic.

I also publish a monthly “Creativity & Wellbeing” Newsletter which features tips & writing prompts; articles on Mental wellbeing & excerpts from my books.

I also volunteer at my local community library twice a week, which was saved from closure ten years ago and is run by trustees and volunteers.

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