Summer is drawing to a close on the island. Manolis, who owns and manages the only hotel, discusses with his childhood friend the comings and goings, the lives and deaths and the loves and relationships of the visitors and locals alike that have transpired during the season. They sit next to the sea smoking, drinking and reminiscing.
This is a book which will offer you the sense of the ambience and rhythm of life on a Greek island and the culture that still exists on some of the smaller and more remote islands.
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“their love lives, trials and unexpected tribulations”

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If you have never been to Greece, this novel about summer on a small island will transport you there. You will see and feel the warmth of the sun, the azure blue water and the pulse of the lively, tanned, strong characters. Stories of several interesting island visitors emerge as the local hotel proprietor and his childhood friend reminisce about the visitors and residents, their love lives, trials and unexpected tribulations. But the beautiful setting washes away any anxiety as it does in the end for each of the people we meet in the pages of the book.
I especially liked the poetry that begins each section and hints at the romances both fulfilled and lost within the chapter. The author knows how to inspire your empathy for the women who play the age-old game of love and attraction and for the men they, sometimes unwisely, choose to love. You will finish the book and think about a trip to Athens and the Greek Isles. And you may long for the blind passions of the romances of youth.

About the Author

Patricia is a retired accountant. Born and brought up in Scotland but has lived and worked in Canada, the Caribbean and the South East of England.
She has one daughter and two grandchildren.
On retirement, she decided to try something completely different and undertook a course in creative writing.
Short stories have brought her some success but this is her first novel.
In the winter months she loves to travel but in the summer she can be found enjoying the hot weather in Greece where she now lives with her husband.

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