51r3rACxo7L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Gregg Tuskins works for the Smithsonian Institute for the National Museum of America when he discovers this very old artifact from the late 1800s-a very old book with detailed information about some strange and weird doorway inside an old abandoned mine shaft-but the map is so old that they have to figure where the location of this place is. One of the places it mentions about is the Muddy Mountains up in the state of Wyoming nearby Rawlins, Wyoming, but Pete Ashcraft hires Vincent Doreance as he is trying to stop Gregg Tuskins from discovering this old doorway as Vincent Doreance has murdered people that have been getting too close in trying to find this old abandoned mine shaft. Some of the weird and strange things started back when the mine shaft was discovered back in the late 1800s. This also probably caused the death of a miner that caused the shaft to become abandoned until now. The Slaughter House Gulch Ghost has been haunting the trail that the miners once used to travel back and forth from their camp to the mine shaft, and they end up discovering this doorway deep inside this old abandoned mine shaft that was closed down around one hundred years ago as this doorway is strange and weird looking as it doesn’t look like it was created by earthlings as it has green tint in different areas on this doorway as the dark transparent is too dark to see through. The mysterious doorway has held secrets of an ancient alien race for over one hundred years as they expedition is about to discover what lies behind the green door.

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About the Author

My name is Scott K. Carson and I am the author of ‘A Journey to the Doorway of the Center of the Earth, as I wrote the book to let people know about my writing. As I use to live in Lakewood, Ohio and use to work for the Detroit Theatre for over 22 years, and then went to work for Giant Eagle that took over the grocery store Stop ‘n’ shop as I work for them for nearly 8 years. And also worked at the old McDonald’s Restaurant that use to be on Sloane Avenue as back in the 80’s I worked for them for two years, and also at the old Lakewood Lanes Bowling Alley. I first began writing science fiction mystery stories back in the early 1980’s as this is my first book release, but if your in Los Angeles, California my book will be in a book convention coming up this spring of 2015. I studied writing when I was in school, and also took some courses in college for my writing, but one person that writes similar to me is Jimi Hendricks the song writer. As I like to play around with words to create sentences, and I do get some pretty different interesting things by doing this type of writing. But my next book I am writing is called ‘Alabaster Caverns that I am hoping to have out at the book stores in September 2015. But I have moved out to Eugene, Oregon in June 2013, and waiting on my future wife Sara that I met close to 16 months ago. And I have 25 years in doing research on stocks in the stock market from 1975 to 2000, but I am planning making a return back to the stock market as I am very knowledgeable and had a excellent track record in purchasing stocks.

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