A Kiss and a Dare

by – Charlene Raddon (Author)

A Contemporary Fantasy Romance

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Book Description:

At last, Garen McTaggart’s lifelong dream of owning a castle is coming true, but not without certain… impediments. He must complete the renovations on time and marry the owner’s granddaughter, Leeza Cantrell, or all will be lost.

Everything appears to be on track—until Garen lies down for a nap in a lush little garden he discovers. There, in an instant, his life changes forever.

It all has to do with a frog, a dragonfly, a newt, and a witch.

Garen is left in a pickle of a situation. On the one hand, he can have everything he ever wanted, including the right woman. On the other hand, having her will cost him all he has—the castle, his business, his reputation. His… fiancée.

Is true love worth losing everything? What’s a man to do?

Find out in this sweet, whimical fantasy.

Reviews for the Book

A Kiss and a Dare is brilliantly penned by Charlene Raddon. This book is of mixed genres. Part fantasy, part of it is mystery and part of it is love story.
Garren MC Taggert, who is a historical architect, is giving his best to complete his dream of owning a restored Welsh castle.
As he is having his short nap, all of the sudden he wakes up and unexpectedly breaks a curse. When he breaks the curse, he sees the most gorgeous woman in his life named Gwenlyn Brychae. She tells him that she was his intended before she was cursed.
And from here the exciting story begins filled with magic and love. Garren is unaware that his fiancé and mother are witches, too. Luckily for Garren his adopted father, too, is a sorcerer, as well his protector.
The romance between Gwen and Garren is sweet but there are quite steamy scenes, too.
Overall, an amazing read filled with both magic and love. I truly enjoyed it. - Book Frenzy

About the Author: Charlene Raddon

Hello and welcome to my author page. Let me tell you a little about myself, as that seems to be the main purpose of this profile. Believe it or not, I began my fiction career in the third grade when I told my class that a little sister I never had died of a black widow bite. I also wrote books through my teen years, always about a girl whose mother mistreated her by making her wash dishes, sweep the floor… you get the idea. Never finished any of those stories. Many years later, a particularly vivid dream drove me to drag out a portable typewriter and go to work on my first novel. In 1990 my second completed book, Tender Touch, brought me a first place win in a writing contest and the following year became a Golden Heart Finalist. I have five romance novels set in the American West, published by Kensington, one, The Scent of Roses, under the pseudonym Rachel Summers. My books have placed or won other contests and one, Forever Mine, received a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award nomination. I’ve always loved the Old West and I believe my novels reflect that emotion through their depth and vividness. These days I am seeing my books re-edited and published as e-books and paperbacks, as well as working on a new story. I hope you try my books and love them.

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