Noel has a tough life. Unhappy and unable to hold down jobs, she is working to please others in a line of work she hates. On top of that, she is forced to live with her overbearing and more successful cousin, Stephanie. All Noel wants, is to be able to work for herself and to pursue her hobby, crafting scented home-made teddy bears, as a possible way of realizing her dream.

With pressure from her mother to stop pursuing her dreams and an ultimatum from her cousin, time is running out for Noel. Pushed into buying an expensive purse for Stephanie as a Christmas gift, Noel goes to the store one evening and waits patiently in line. What lies in wait at the store is a terrifying ordeal of violence which will shake the very foundations of her family and leave them questioning their actions and how they have treated her.
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“I could have a crappy day, but somebodies is always worse”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amazon Customer

Sigh this story just reminds me that. I could have a crappy day, but somebodies is always worse.

Still love dark stories.

About the Author

Tiffany enjoyed spending a majority of her childhood living in her head. She made the choice to share her imagination with the world in 2017. Although, Tiffany enjoys writing romantic fantasy, she sometimes writes stories based in reality. Tiffany frequently visits her website and her twitter where she provides updates on her stories while writing them.

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