A Love Story..

by – Samantha Ryan Chandler (Author)

How God Pursued Me and Found Me: An Impossibly True Story

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Book Description:

The tale of Samantha Ryan Chandler’s life is evocatively portrayed in her book: A Love Story, How God Pursued Me and Found Me. It tells of a life that is as disturbing and unsettling as it is uplifting and, in the end, gratifying. How “A girl from Nowhere, Louisiana” finds her way from such humble beginnings to live and walk amongst presidents and the supremely rich, only to find her trust and faith betrayed by those that she loved and trusted the most. She would be tested to the point where she began to doubt her own sanity and, at the moment of her greatest desperation and doubt, she was found by God and brought back from the brink of hopeless despair. Blessed with an almost unquenchable optimism and a unique sense of humor, she relates the story of a life that will speak to those who have encountered abuse, unfairness and anguish. Her love for her children and her faith in God carried her through a crucible of fire and in the end, made her a better, stronger person, ready to carry on with a life that is again filled with love, joy and laughter. A Love Story, How God Pursued Me and Found Me will both inspire you and touch your heart.

Reviews for the Book

It’s always a blessing to learn of the miraculous ways in which God works in His children’s lives. In the story of Samantha Ryan Chandler titled A Love Story...How God Pursued Me and Found Me: An Impossibly True Story, I had the pleasure of watching the power of God at work in her life to bring deliverance and renewal even when she didn’t know God, but only knew of Him in her heart. I greatly admire the author’s strength and courage, especially during her most exhausting and difficult times. Her unrelenting love of God goes beyond inspiring to a place of undying trust and faith that we can all learn from and follow.
While I loved Samantha’s colorful description of her roots in Louisiana and her fun childhood experiences, I was also grieved to learn of the suffering she endured as a child because of her mother. Having been abused throughout my childhood gave me an overwhelming sense of compassion for the fears she faced and the darkness that filled her childhood home. Yet her writing doesn't reflect that pain but instead the family and friends that lifted her out of the darkness of abuse with their unconditional love, a strong spirit to keep moving forward and her daughters who she makes clear throughout the book are the greatest blessings in her life.
Samantha never gives up, but instead uses the miracles she's experienced and the inner guidance she's received as beacons of light to lead her to the promised land. For many years she suffered through a marriage that was far removed from the image she was given while in the engagement phase of her relationship. Believing her third marriage would be a blessing, it quickly turned into a curse. As her life plunged into an unrelenting nightmare, she remained constant in her faith and continued her work with the children’s ministry she co-founded that provides life-changing surgeries for children from developing countries. Yet, while Samantha kept busy with unselfish endeavors, this period may have been the darkest time of her life, especially when facing divorce and the loss of her children. While this could have sent her into a state of giving up, she met every challenge with a renewed trust that God would protect her even when it appeared that her life was in danger.
Samantha’s faith and the love she has for her girls turned the difficulties they lived into positive situations that has brought each to a place of great success and purpose. I believe Samantha’s story will help others do the same as they look to God as their source of help and guidance. God certainly pursued Samantha, and her book is a wonderful example of what happens when we dare to let God find us! - Margaret Lukasik

About the Author: Samantha Ryan Chandler

This true story will grab at your heart as you read of the loss, grief, betrayal, greed and anguish that gripped her soul. Emotionally and financially devastated by the annihilation called divorce, Samantha writes to unveil her own love story of how God pursued her, a woman from Nowhere Louisiana, to reveal her identity and security in Him. Her story is heart wrenching, intriguing, surprising, amazing and inspiring as she has now experienced first hand, the love of God that has set her free.

She writes from a place of experiencing such devastation in order to uncover and convey the truth to her three young daughters who experienced the ravages of separation from their mother. Her story speaks of the lie and plan of her husband that he perpetrated upon her after reveling and planning her demise for four years. The author speaks of the supernatural in a way that will amaze you. You will have no doubt that God’s hand is not too short to save those that are lost.

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